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Testing Facility

The Testing Facility works for the benefit of agricultural producers in defining crop defense strategies and companies producing technical means for agriculture.

Evaluation of biological efficacy of active ingredients against adversities on tree and herbaceous crops and against weeds.

Evaluation of toxicity of various products on plants and side effects of active ingredients on beneficial entomofauna.

Evaluation of interference of pesticides on ripening and transformation processes and organoleptic characteristics of treated products.

Analysis of residues of active ingredients in treated products.

Testing facility GEP/GLP compliant

Fields of activities of Testing Facility


  • Arboreal
  • Herbaceous
  • Vegetables
  • Medicinal and aromatic
  • Seed crops


  • Plant Pathology
  • Entomology
  • Agricultural zoology
  • Nematology
  • Weed control
  • Seed Tanning
  • Post-harvest storage (fruit and vegetable production)
  • Oenological and fruit and vegetable processing
  • Oenological microbiology
  • Chemical and instrumental analysis (fruit, vegetable and wine production)
  • Sensory analysis (fruit, vegetable and wine production)

GEP efficacy studies carried out by the Testing Facility

  • Assessment of biological efficacy
  • Assessment of impact on quantitative and/or qualitative yield of plants or crop-based projects
  • Assessment of crop selectivity
  • Evaluation of undesirable and unintended side effects
  • Taint tests on fresh and processed commodities

GLP residue studies carried out by the Testing Facility

  • Field trials for determination of residues or on treated products, human or animal foodstuffs
  • Processing trials to research the effects of industrial processing and/or domestic preparation on the nature or extent of residues
  • Research of effects on appearance, odor, taste, or other quality aspects due to residues or on fresh or processed products (non-GLP)
  • Field trials for identification of deficiency times for pre-harvest and/or post-harvest uses

Chemical and instrumental analysis laboratory (non-GLP).

It supports the Testing Facility for the following investigations:

  • Verification of plant protection product selectivity toward the main chemical and quality parameters of fresh/processed fruit and vegetable and wine production.
  • Verification of the selectivity of the plant protection product towards agricultural food processing procedures (GEP studies).
  • Verification of the decay of residues of the plant protection product, and its metabolites, during the different stages of agricultural food transformation processes (GLP studies).

Experimental Fields

For the conduct of the various field activities, the Testing Facility has at its disposal the following facilities at the Tebano and Imola sites:

  • Vineyards and orchards with the main national and international cultivars.
  • Varietal collections with regard to wine grape vines and main fruit species.
  • Varietal fields with the main herbaceous crops.
  • Varietal fields with the main horticultural crops (open field and protected crop).

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