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Ri.NOVA is a cooperative company involved in research and experimentation in the field of crop production through the drow up, management and reporting of regional, national and international projects.

To carry out experimentation, it makes use of ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo, of which it is the parent company.

The company makes use of an in-house pool of experts operating in its three offices in Pievesestina, Martorano (Cesena) and Tebano (Faenza) and a vast network of public and private entities with which it develops projects for members and clients in the agribusiness sector.

In addition, the company is structured to disseminate and promote the results of its research and experimental activities. Finally, it is involved in promoting and disseminating the principles of healthy food and sustainable agriculture from an educational communication perspective.

Ri.NOVA was created through the merger of C.R.P.V and Alimos, respectively, engaged in agribusiness research and the implementation of educational activities for youth and adults.

Via dell’Arrigoni, 120 – Cesena (FC)
Tel. +39 0547 313511

Innovation and Research

Ri.NOVA’s main lines of Research and Experimentation are developed with reference to the needs expressed by the regional production sector and the general objectives outlined in the “Polyannual Plan of Agricultural Development Services of the Emilia-Romagna agrifood system.” Particular attention is given to optimizing the relationship between agriculture and the environment, enhancing the quality of production and reducing production costs.

Educational communication

Ri.NOVA develops educational projects to stimulate the interest and curiosity of young people and adults towards the themes of sustainability, healthy eating and conscious consumption, generating social, economic and reputational value, for companies, consortia and agribusiness supply chains.

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