Developing sustainable techniques for pest management and phytosanitary defence in fruit growing
EAFRDRinova project

SPOTS is a project implemented under the Regional Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

Type of operation 16.1.01

Operational groups of the European Partnership for Innovation: ‘Agricultural productivity and sustainability of agriculture”.

Regional Council Resolution No. 754 of 2022

Focus Area: 16.1.01 4B
Improved water management, including fertiliser and pesticide management

Starting date: 02/01/2023

Overall cost: 249.964,38 €

Contribution: 228.492,69 €

Application n. 5515432 

Lead partner: APOFRUIT Soc.Coop.Agr.


The overall objective of the plan is in fact to contribute concretely to the achievement of the F2F strategy’s objective in the regional fruit-growing context, i.e. to identify new paths and strategies to achieve a 50% reduction in the use of pesticides.

All the actions outlined in the project are in fact aimed at and preparatory to achieving this goal: deepening knowledge on the biology and ethology of certain phytophagous pests, validating monitoring techniques, assessing the efficiency profiles of natural active substances or instrumental means and agronomic techniques as alternatives to chemistry, and finally examining the economic sustainability of the proposed alternatives.

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