Sustaining organic matter, fertility and water quality in Emilia-Romagna soils
EAFRDRinova project

SOSFERA is a project implemented under Regional Rural Development Program 2014-2020 – Operation Type 16.1.01 – European Innovation Partnership Operational Groups: ‘Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability’.

Focus Area: 4B

Grant awarded: 294,887.48 €.

Application no. 5149844 – Lead partner:  ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo .

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The SOSFERA Plan aims to promote a strategy to support the fertility of Emilia-Romagna’s soils based on 3 central points: to encourage the increase of organic matter in agricultural soils using organic matrices residues from agricultural production chains; to demonstrate that using organic matrices can decrease or eliminate nitrogen fertilization; and to maximize the efficiency of microbial resources in cultivated soils to improve their functionality and health that is also useful for crop health.

Sosfera Guidelines

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