Innovative strategies for a sustainable and low-impact ORTiculture in Emilia-Romagna.
EAFRDRinova project

SI.ORTO is a project implemented under the Regional Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

Type of operation 16.1.01

Operational groups of the European Partnership for Innovation: ‘Agricultural productivity and sustainability of agriculture”.

Regional Council Resolution No. 754 of 2022

Focus Area: 16.1.01 4B
Improved water management, including fertiliser and pesticide management

Starting date: 01/01/2023

Overall cost: 243.798,50 €

Contribution: 222.943,40 €

Application n. 5515380

Lead partner: ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo


The general objective of this plan is the implementation of innovative, low environmental impact and economically sustainable cultivation strategies and techniques that lead to a reduction of pollutant inputs from the technical means used for defence and nutrition in the fresh and industrial horticulture sector in Emilia-Romagna.

In particular, increasing knowledge on active ingredients and substances with a low environmental impact.
Implementation of alternative fertilisation techniques to the use of mineral nitrogenous fertilisers through the use of compost.

Implementation of alternative biofumigation and fertilisation strategies through the use of green manure. Evaluation of economic and environmental sustainability of the proposed strategies.

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