Survey of area-wide irrigation systems in response to degeneration of pear trees

IRRIGATE is a project implemented under Regional Rural Development Program 2014-2020 – Operation Type 16.1.01 – European Innovation Partnership Operational Groups: ‘Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability’.

Focus Area: 5A

Grant awarded: 181,916.75 €.

Application no. 5206477 – Lead partner: CRPV

Lead Partner: CRPV

General Objectives

The general objective of the proposed Plan is to identify – in relation to the irrigation inputs at the territorial level (irrigation systems, extent of inputs, quality of irrigation water, characteristics of the water table, etc.), the planting systems adopted (rootstock, planting density, form of farming, etc.) and ongoing climate change – what factors are responsible, and how they interact with each other, for the degeneration of numerous pear trees located in a large area of the regional territory; all of which is aimed at deepening the knowledge of this serious and complex phenomenon and provide the technicians and farmers concerned, appropriate guidelines to counteract its spread.

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