Promotion, dissemination and transfer of information and innovations to support organic plant production chains in Emilia-Romagna through the organisation of an organic information network
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INFO.BIO.NET is a project implemented within the framework of the Regional Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 – Type of operation 1.2.01 – Public Notice approved by D.G.R. N.84/2023

Focus Area: 3A

  • Development of organisational support and services in the supply chain;
  • Production planning and supply chain relations.

Grant awarded: 341.819,66 €

Application n. 5550935 – Lead partner: ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo srl

Starting date: 01/07/2023

General goals

  1. Collect, process and disseminate in a capillary manner technical, regulatory and operational information on the organic production sector through the implementation of a network made up of organic farming experts, technical users (INFOBIONET) and the development of specific transfer activities that support the taking of the necessary decisions at a regional level with regard to the identification and implementation of the best agricultural and phytosanitary practices with a view to protecting agricultural, environmental and water resources and consumers;
  2. Support the producers of the organic supply chain in Emilia-Romagna through the improvement of the dissemination of standard organic cultivation technical guidelines developed within the LI.TE.OF.BIO project and currently available on the application and website;
  3. Disseminate more effectively and extensively the results of innovation projects in the organic farming sector, using smart and social information tools, podcasts and technical articles to intercept an audience as wide and varied as possible, addressing not only a professional audience, but also a general public, stimulating the development of a shared awareness of how the development of sustainable organic farming from a technical and economic point of view has a direct impact on the environment, the territory and more generally on the social and economic context.

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