Laboratory application in the agricultural field for a soil and plant health diagnosis service
EAFRDRinova project

APPlica is a project implemented under the Regional Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

Type of operation 16.1.01

Operational groups of the European Partnership for Innovation: ‘Agricultural productivity and sustainability of agriculture”.

Regional Council Resolution No. 754 of 2022

Focus Area: 16.1.01 4B
Improved water resource management, including fertiliser and pesticide management

Starting date: 01/01/2023

Overall cost: 249.963,75 €

Contribution 90%: 230.630,63 €

Application n. 5516364

Lead partner: ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo


  1. Initiating soil and water health monitoring and diagnosis activities
  2. Enhance the use of organic matrices, to reduce or replace the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers
  3. Activate an online “Soil Service” to support PO members or technicians in technical activities related to soil knowledge
  4. Share guidelines for good soil and water management and for reducing pests with low-impact techniques according to soil characteristics
    Set up demonstration sites for soil characterisation using innovative technologies, such as proximal sensors, in integration with specific soil surveys and chemical-physical analyses

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