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Our farms

ASTRA manages approximately 45 hectares of irrigated and predominantly flat agricultural land, aimed at carrying out experimental and demonstration trials; the 3 farms, which correspond to the sites of the Operative Units and the Headquarter, host orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, open-field horticultural and arable crops.

Tebano Farm (Headquarter)

The farm located in Tebano consists of approximately 18 hectares, of which 4 are certified “Organic”. This farm owns experimental vineyards and orchards used in various genetic improvement and agronomic trials projects.

Climatic data collection stations are placed close to the crops. The company is visited throughout the year by the technicians of Agricultural Services and Producers. Several demonstration days relating to technological innovation in the agricultural sector were held in the Tebano farm.

Mario Neri Farm (Operative Unit)

The farm in Imola is made up of over 15 hectares of land used in fruit trials for genetic improvement or varietal collection, greenhouses and tunnels for the implementation of activities functional to fruit, viticulture and above all horticultural projects. Experimental horticultural crops are also grown in open field. Part of the farm is dedicated to arable land.

A weather station equipped with the ARPAE monitoring system is located on the fam core. A number of experimental trials of the Testing Facility and of the agronomic sector are developed in the Imola farm, as well as projects financed by programs of the Emilia-Romagna region and the European Union.

Martorano 5 Farm (Operative Unit)

The 11 hectares of the “Martorano 5” farm are mainly used for experimental activities in horticultural crops in open field and in greenhouse. The unit is constituted by an area of approximately 1 hectare certified Organic used for trials and crops that require this certification.

Innovative projects in the fruit sector are carried out in some greenhouses located on the company. A station of the ARPAE meteorological monitoring system is also located in this unit. Visits and demo days are also frequently held in “Martorano 5” farm, aimed at meeting the supply and demand of innovative technologies for agriculture.

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