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Microbiological laboratory

Performs control analysis of processing methods and finished products, as well as verification of equipment used for these processes, both for external users and for activities related to research and experimentation.

Advises on microbiological problems and on the use of yeast cultures in the winery.
Manages a service collection of 500 selected yeast strains that it distributes on request for industrial, research and educational purposes.


– Performing analysis of the packaged product
– Evaluation of microbiological stability during storage trials
– Control of filling lines

Yeast strain storage

– 550 freeze-dried yeasts in 4-5 copies in static storage
– Numerous clarinet beaks for sale, use, teaching

Production of starters for wineries and breweries

Since the early 1990s, starters have been prepared for winery and brewery fermentation. These guarantee the purity and the viability of the inoculated yeast during all stages of processing, avoiding cross-contamination, stuck fermentation and sensory defects in the final product.

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