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The Agronomic Sector currently operates on about 50 hectares of land within the region with trials located in specific areas of the territory suited for experimental purposes (Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, Ravenna, Forlì, Rimini).

In Imola and Cesena farms there are greenhouses totaling 10,000 sq.m. comprising cold and heated greenhouses, screen-houses, breeding tunnels and shade-houses. In addition to the greenhouses at the three company units in Imola, Cesena and Faenza, flat, irrigated open-field areas are available on which trials are conducted. The units also have specific machines and equipment for plot field processing and product control that can provide customers (public and private) with comprehensive testing services in line with standard methods.

Agronomic type activities can be identified as follows

Monitoring and testing of new production processes and specific technologies (e.g., chemicals, seeds, etc.)

Horticultural and extensive crops sector: set-up of plot trials for varietal comparisons and optimization of cultivation techniques

Fruit-viticulture sector: set-up of varietal list fields, set-up of trials for evaluation of breeding forms, rootstocks, organic cultivation techniques, activities for viticulture zoning, activities to support fruit genetic improvement

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