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Company for technological experimentation and agri-environmental research

ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo Srl (Agency for Technological Experimentation and Agri-environmental Research) is a service company that operates in the field of research, experimentation, innovation and dissemination in the agrifood sector.

Our sectors

Our sectors

Testing Facility

Certification issued by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and by the Italian Ministry of Health. The testing Facility carries out trials for the registration of active substances used in agriculture, demonstration trials and experimental trials.


In the ASTRA laboratories, chemical-physical, product and sensorial analyses are carried out on matrices of plant origin: fruit, vegetables, wine, oenological, fresh or processed.


It deals with the genetic improvement of fruit and vines, the evaluation of varietal characteristics, studies on the impact of agronomic techniques, fertilization and biostimulants on crops and soil.

Our projects

ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo  participates and coordinates projects funded by the public administration as a private scientific organization. Together with its parent company Ri.NOVA it implements as an active Unit in the Operational Groups for Innovation (GOI) and European partnerships.

National and regional projects

European projects

Our farms

ASTRA manages about 45 hectares of irrigated and mostly flat land, divided between the farms of Tebano, Ex Mario Neri and Martorano 5. These correspond to the headquarters of the operating units and are home to orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, vegetable and arable field crops.

Our company

ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo , is included in the list of Experimental Companies and Assimilated Laboratories of the Emilia-Romagna Region, is controlled by Ri.NOVA and develops Research, Experimentation and Dissemination services.

Our partners

ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo  offers private companies services such as laboratory analysis, conducting field trials, experimental scale transformations, and support in agriculture and agro-industry.

University and research

Funding bodies